RizMedia Adds MAZA as it’s Newest Client


The rumors are true. Riz Media welcomes MAZA as a new client. Maza is one of the foremost event and entertainment companies in New York City, always striving to create the most memorable of moments for it’s target audience.

Believe it or not going out in NYC can get old after a while – that’s where MAZA and their expertise come in. MAZA expertly organizes and coordinates several social events in the city throughout the year – everything from art gallery social mixers to prom-themed ballroom parties. You don’t have to look far to find out that they know what they are doing when it comes to event planning – just ask any of their guests who attend an event – resounding positive testimonial after testimonial.

Now MAZA wants to take what they have and expand their efforts bringing the excitement and collaboration of MAZA events to other cities across the U.S. We are excited to have the opportunity work with MAZA in helping make this dream a reality through our dedicated marketing services. We look forward to seeing the day where one can be in any major city in the country, pull up their phone to find out where they latest MAZA event is going on, and have a great time.

Nothing excites us more than working with clients who have passion and a vision about what they want to do. We look forward to working with you MAZA team and welcome to the family!

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